Access automation offer several finger print reader solutions for keyless entry. Where security is being compromised by regular loss of keys or doors being left unlocked. Where residents are forgetting pin numbers or to take their keys out of door locks, Access Automation can work with you to find the best biometric solution. Battery powered finger print readers are ideal for internal use and the built in proximity tag readers ensure that there is at least one method of usable access control for each individual.


• A manual key over-ride for access by others (management or supervisors.)
• External battery options for temporary power should the internal ‘batteries low’ warning signal not be address.
• Administrator and user access levels for management.
• Proximity tag options for temporary users and for those with poor dexterity.

Mains powered finger print readers can be used for internal and external access control and on a wider scale can be used for payroll and monitoring of users via remote access and networking via the internet.

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